Christmas Around the World

People around the world celebrate Christmas and depending on where they live the celebrations can range from small observances to large festivals. Each city puts its own twist on how they celebrate the Christmas season. Here are some of the ways that Christmas is celebrated around the word:download-10

  • Japan – In Japan, Christmas is surprisingly a time for couples to go out on dates. The romance of the cold weather and holiday lights is used as a backdrop for Japanese couples to get together and celebrate over a cozy dinner. Christmas is gradually becoming more popular in the country and more stores are beginning to carry decorative items like Christmas trees and ornaments. There are also churches that will hold holiday mass for parishioners.
  • Germany – The traditional German Christmas markets are extremely popular with locals and tourists alike. These markets feature hot drinks and hearty foods to keep attendees stomachs warm and full. They also have a range of goods and handicrafts for visitors to purchase.
  • Brazil – In Brazil, Christmas is extremely popular due to the large number of religious citizens. Brazilians often go to church multiple times throughout the season to worship and reflect on the season. There are also many large firework or light displays that help people get into the holiday spirit across the country.
  • America – Typically, the Christmas holiday in America kicks off the moment that the Thanksgiving Parade ends. The Parade closes with Santa and Mrs. Claus on a sled waving to the parade-goers and ushering in the Christmas season. From then, Americans enjoy parties, festivals, markets, and activities that all revolve around Christmas. An extremely popular American Christmas event is the tree lighting at Rockafeller Center in New York City. Tourists flock to the city to watch a giant tree filled with lights turn on and illuminate the iconic city ice skating rink.