Christmas Eve Mass

Many religious families attend Christmas Eve church services. These services will vary in both structure and content depending on the person leading the mass and the wishes of the parishioners. However, there are some comment elements that many churches include in their Christmas Eve services to make them special and memorable for people attending the mass. Here are some components that are often used in Christmas Eve mass:chehiya-na-noviy-god

  • A nativity play – Many churches have schools or church groups that are associated with them. The school children that attend these programs are often asked to participate in a nativity play. This production tells the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. Children are often given roles as various members of the animal kingdom within the play.
  • A candle-lit service – Some churches offer a candle-lit service on Christmas Eve. Candles are a very important piece of many church services. They have special meaning depending on the holiday and are used to reflect on specific teachings. Each attendee is handed a candle as they walk into the mass. The candle is typically a white taper with a small piece of cardboard around the base to prevent dripping. At a designated time during the mass, a person in the front will light a few candles. Then each member will light their candle using the flame from a person around them. The church will quickly fill up with candlelight. At this point, the lights in the building are generally turned off or dimmed for part of the service so that the candlelight can be fully enjoyed by the parishioners.
  • A midnight mass – While Christmas Eve mass can be held at different times on the day before Christmas, midnight is a particularly popular time for the service. As it marks the transition from Christmas Eve into Christmas Day and is typically a very peaceful and reflective time, midnight mass can be incredibly popular.