Office Christmas Gift Traditions

Christmas gifts can sometimes be given at work, depending on the office. These gifts are usually a part of a larger holiday celebration where the workers will have a meal and occasionally drinks while opening the gifts. If an office intends to exchange Christmas gifts, they will likely choose a specific way for gifts to be given to cut down on the costs. After all, giving gifts to every office manager gifts_xmascan be extremely expensive unless rules are put in place to keep things reasonable.

Some offices will ask employees to participate in a Secret Santa. This tradition means that each person will be assigned someone who they will give a gift to in the office. The person who will receive the gift won’t know who will be giving them the gift and they won’t necessarily be buying a present for the same person either. Secret Santa’s can be assigned randomly or be matched by a “head elf” or a designated person who creates the Secret Santa pairs.

White elephants are traditional gift-giving games that actually go by many different names. The entire office is given a set amount that they can spend on gifts, but they are absolutely not allowed to exceed that budget. Most offices pick a $20 limit to ensure that people aren’t spending too much on gifts. Every person wraps the present they purchase and brings it to the holiday party to place on a gift table with all of the other presents. Someone is chosen to select and unwrap the first present. The next person can either steal the first person’s gift or unwrap a new one. The game continues until everyone has a present. Usually, there are one or two exceptional gifts that everyone wants to steal, making the game, even more, fun for the participants.