Popular Christmas Movies

Christmas is a time for families to gather around and watch time-tested holiday movies. While new movies are being made all the time, there are some great classics to choose from as well. Here are some of the most popular Christmas movies:image

  • Elf – This Will Ferrell movie will have families laughing nonstop. It’s a delightful story of family, friendship, and the belief that Christmas spirit can save the day. You’ll notice some famous faces among the cast, and some adorable claymation elements throughout the film.
  • White Christmas – A vintage classic, this movie has everything. Romance, incredible dance numbers, nostalgia, and amazing singing are all interwoven into the story. The movie’s premise is that two old war buddies team up with a sister act to help their old sergeant’s failing business. The cast has wonderful chemistry while proving that compassion is a core part of Christmas.
  • Frosty the Snowman – Animation brings this classic story to vibrant life in this happy movie. It’s a standard for most households with children who want to celebrate Christmas. Adults will enjoy singing along to the title song and appreciate the positive messages in the kid-friendly film.
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas – Few movie songs are as deeply tied to a holiday as the songs from this animated classic. The heartwarming story, familiar characters, and wonderful music make this a great thing to watch during Christmas. Luckily, it’s typically broadcast on several channels during the holiday season, giving you plenty of chances to enjoy it!

A very popular thing for television channels to do is run holiday movie countdowns or marathons during the Christmas season. This holiday programming is dedicated to celebrating the season and many viewers await it with childlike anticipation. While some channels run fan-favorites, others develop new and original movies just for their seasonal lineup.