The Best Places to Celebrate Christmas

Certain cities are exceptionally charming around Christmas time. They create a wonderland atmosphere that makes it impossible to miss the joy of the season. Cities that are particularly well known for their Christmas spirit are:download-11

  • New York City, USA – This city has long been famous for celebrating Christmas. In fact, it is featured as the backdrop for many iconic Christmas movies, such as Miracle on 34th Street and Elf. The city creates magical opportunities for Christmas activities like ice skating and holiday shopping. There are also numerous beautiful churches in the city for people who want to go to Christmas services.
  • Vatican City, Italy – The heart of the Catholic faith provides visitors with the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in a very meaningful way. Religious worshippers can attend special services and blessings held in Vatican City by the Pope. Masses are also held nearby throughout Rome in one of their many stunning churches. Rome also has a plethora of delicious restaurants that serve special Christmas meals that you will be raving about for years to come.
  • Edinburgh, Scotland – A classicly beautiful city during any time of year, Edinburgh is especially stunning at Christmas. With a formidable castle as it’s backdrop, the picturesque city is often filled with holiday cheer. From special Christmas teas to holiday markets, this Scottish city gives you a classic holiday experience.

You don’t need to go away to celebrate an incredible Christmas in your city. Many cities around the world have plenty of holiday activities to make your season merry and bright. Community calendars are a great place to discover what holiday events are happening in your area. Some offer great opportunities to help your community and get into the holiday spirit at the same time like church holiday carnivals and school bake sales. Keep your eyes open for new ways to bring the Christmas season to your city.