Traditional Christmas Foods

One of the biggest ways that people celebrate Christmas is by preparing special foods. Each family typically has its own recipes that are used each year during the holiday season. Some traditional holiday foods are:

  • Christmas cookies – Baking traditional-christmas-foo-009cookies for the Christmas season is extremely popular. Families will often bake dozens of cookies each holiday season. Some of these cookies will be given away as gifts, others will be put out for parties, and more will be kept at home for the family to enjoy themselves. Popular Christmas cookie varieties are sugar cookies, snowballs, and peanut butter kisses. Families will often pass down cookie recipes for generations. Some families even pass down cookie cutters in shapes like trees and reindeer to use for cutting cookies into festive shapes.
  • Fish dinners – On Christmas Eve, many Italian families celebrate by making the traditional Feast of the Seven Fishes. The types of fish prepared is not fixed and families tend to cook fish dishes that they like the best. Many families expand the menu beyond the seven seafood dishes, but they use the fish dishes as the main focus of the meal.
  • Christmas cakes – Often referred to as Buche de noel or a Yule log, this Christmas cake is found in different variations around the world. Generally, it is made of a sponge cake rolled up around a creamy filling and iced to resemble a tree log.

Some families divide the cooking responsibilities to make preparing the Christmas meal a bit easier. Each member of the family will be assigned a food or category of food (such as appetizer, main dish, side dish, or dessert) to bring to the meal. These meals are often referred to as potlucks and give each person a chance to show off their cooking skills while taking the burden of making an entire meal off of the generous host.